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There are some very important questions to ask when you are researching a prospective agency to work with.

  1. How long has the agency been in business? Being an agent involves a lot of personal investment. You’ll want to make sure the agency you are looking to join has been in business for more than 5 years. There are a lot of start-ups that have not yet proven themselves to be long-lasting in the travel industry. Make sure you start with an agency who has longevity.

  2. What type of education do they offer? Where do you go if you need support? Is there new agent orientation and continuing education for experienced agents? You will need advice and guidance. Who at the agency is available for questions? Is there a support system to guide you along the way, and provide answers on a daily basis?

  3. What are the yearly or monthly fees and commission split? Every agency will have their own specific fee structure to cover operational costs. These fees can be up to thousands of dollars. Be sure to ask what the fees are and for a breakdown of them. Commission splits vary by agency. Most offer between 70 and 90% commission for their agents, depending on multiple factors. Some start very low (as low as 40%!), and some have very high yearly, and monthly fees. Be sure to examine all of those important details.

  4. How reputable are they? Do they pay their agents on time and without a hassle? It’s definitely worth doing a little research on any agency you are interested in. You can do a quick Google search for reviews, and can also look at reviews their agents leave for them at It’s extremely important to choose an agency whose owner is involved in the day to day operations, and puts a priority on timely commission payments.

  5. Are they respected in the industry? What rewards and recognitions have they achieved? Agencies that have won awards with travel suppliers demonstrate that their agents, and agency, have achieved success and professional recognition for their achievements. Award winning agencies demonstrate that they are thriving, healthy, and well managed. This directly contributes to the success of their agents.

  6. Are they accredited with IATA? - It is important that the agency you seek to join is IATA registered and accredited. Many agencies will be CLIA or TRUE certified. These designations are extremely easy to acquire, and do not require proof of financial security, or recommendation letters from suppliers. IATA requires both of those, and is the industry gold standard.

  7. Are you limited on what you can sell? It is important to make sure that the agency you sign on with offers a full portfolio of travel destinations. This way you won’t be limited in the future as to what destinations you can offer to your clientele.

Magical Moments Vacations is accredited with IATA, and has been in the business of creating magical memories for clients each and every day since 2010. We are an award winning travel agency, having achieved the highest level possible with Disney Destinations, as well as a Top 3 agency with Universal Orlando, Top 10 Worldwide with Sandals, and multiple awards and recognition across other of our preferred suppliers. We specialize in Disney Destinations, Universal, All-Inclusive Resorts, Cruises and International Travel.

We are very proud of our travel agency, and our unique new agent orientation program. We call it our Academy, and describe it as a mini 6-month college course on getting started in the travel industry.. The courses and instruction in our Academy Program are valued at more than $2000, and are included at no cost for our agents. In working with your fellow new agents, we have live classes, weekly assignments, discussions, and self-guided modules. We want you to be prepared for your new career in the travel industry. Our agency is set up to give our agents the tools and foundation they need to be successful.

Upon graduation, you will always have access to our learning library and modules. Unique educational opportunities are made available to experienced agents as well.

Magical Moments Vacations is invested in our agents and support is available in many forms:

  • All agents are members of our various online agent forums. We keep our agents informed and up-to-date, as well and provide a vast support network.

  • New agents work with our Agency Development Manager and have their own Facebook forum for questions and discussion.

  • All agents have the assistance of the Agent Support Manager to assist in supplier registrations and other important tasks.

  • All agents have the assistance of our Marketing Manager, as well as access to our agency social media assets, to help promote their business.

  • Experienced agents also have an exclusive forum to discuss and ask travel related questions.

  • Emphasis on timely payment of commission is a priority.

We are a forward thinking agency that is always growing along with the changing travel landscape. We have a strong leadership team to assist you and provide support along your journey.

We are a charitable agency and treat our agents like family. The emphasis isn’t on numbers and sales. Our top priority is creating memorable experiences for our clients, and memories that last a lifetime!

Please visit for all the details about joining our team. You can also request a free comprehensive guide which includes all of the information about our program. Come join the magic!

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